Legal Consulting

  1. Consulting on customer rights matter;
  2. Consulting on establishing any legal forms of juridical persons;
  3. Assistance in choosing a type of the company you might want to establish with the focus on the specifics of the sector and nature of relationship between contributing participants;
  4. Assistance in preparation and correct handling of internal documentation;
  5. Analysis of different documents on their relevance to the existing legislation;
  6. Drafting of standard documentation;
  7. Drafting of different types of contracts;
  8. Preparation of the employee instructions;
  9. Drafting of the labor contracts;
  10. Assistance in preparation of claims and statements;
  11. Analysis of presented documentation with verbal conclusion;
  12. Legal examination (research) of the full-text documents with the report in writing on findings of the examination;
  13. Due Diligence, including Due Diligence of land and real estate objects;
  14. Verbal consultations on the matters of law;
  15. Consultations on the matters of law in writing;
  16. Business consulting.

Main fields and special disciplines of law we consult on:

  1. Civil and commercial law:
  2. Labor and union law
  3. State and municipal law
  4. Financial, budgetary, and fiscal law
  5. Civil procedure law
  6. Arbitration process
  7. International private law
  8. Information law
  9. Other fields and special disciplines of law