Subscription legal service (outsourcing)

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Today one of the most profitable activities is your own business. Of course, is is not so simple. Many people think that this area is quite simple and does not require any special skills or knowledge; but this opinion is mistaken. But if you take the issue of organization and registration of your activity seriously, taking into account all the legal nuances, then there is a good chance that your business will be quite successful and prosperous. Many companies and organizations today cannot survive even for a few months; however, the reason is not absence of the necessary funds, debts, or a high level of competition. A lot depends on legal regulation, legal support of the company’s status and position. To put the company on its feet, to make its owners happy and successful, many of them prefer to use professional legal services. Every owner realizes that without proper legal assistance and support there are significant financial risks that can cause collapse of the company even before it is fully formed. However, at this stage most entrepreneurs take different paths because they see the legal support of their business quite differently. Many businessmen prefer to hire a full-time lawyer that certainly has a lot of pitfalls. No matter how competent, experienced and qualified this lawyer is, yet he alone will have difficulties navigating in a few law areas at a time. But legal issues or litigation could affect any facet of your business. It can be civil, labor, financial, or administrative law, and sometimes they all can be put together. It all depends on the specific area activity of the company. But for one person to cope with this volume of information, he has to be a genius. Another option is setting up a legal department. Such a move will certainly make every lawyer’s job easier, as full-time employees will be hired according to their qualification in particular law areas; most legal departments tend to become highly specialized though. It is not suitable for small and medium businesses, as start-ups are not able to maintain a legal department with highly qualified and therefore highly paid employees on the early stages of its activities. Not every large company has its own legal department, not to mention small businesses. Finally, the third option that will be taken by any wise and visionary entrepreneur is legal services for corporate clients. From our point of view, most businesses today will find this type of legal support most appropriate. Advantages of legal services for corporate clients are obvious. First of all, payment for services of a law firm that provides legal support is equivalent to one lawyer’s fee because the owner does not need to spend extra money on taxes and rent for an additional office (as in the case of the legal department). It should be further noted that law firms providing subscription legal services in St. Petersburg always have a higher potential, experience and professionalism than any legal department or an individual lawyer. This is due to the fact that a law firm is interested in attracting customers and their constant maintenance, thus forming positive business reputation to be rated first among the competing firms. It is also important that in any critical situations a law firm providing subscription legal services is able to offer you a greater number of experts in various fields of law to work together at your issues or change the makeup of the working group for greater efficiency. This is achieved by simple redistribution of any major law firm that provides subscription legal services. The advantages of our company’s regular legal services in St. Petersburg and Moscow:

Efficient completing of any legal tasks. The lawyer’s hourly fee is reduced by 1.5-3 times (depending on the amount of tasks). There is no need to enter a separate contract for every particular service. You can feel free to plan your budget because you know in advance the amount of the monthly subscription fee. Minimized costs of the staff maintenance without compromising its functionality (taxes, wages, leaves, social benefits, sick leaves, legal framework, training courses, premises, office appliances, stationary, etc.). Capabilities and experience of lawyers offering subscription legal services in most cases exceeds the ones of a legal department of the organization. There are 5 various departments in our company, each one will be involved in working with your company, if necessary. This is done immediately and does not affect the fee.

When rendering subscription legal service our company is guided by the following rules and principles:

Preliminary due diligence before cooperation. Full confidentiality. Rendering services to subscription customers (legal outsourcing) is our priority (as compared to the other clients). Subscription legal services are rendered in cooperation with the expert council of the corporation whose members are recognized experts and scientists from around the world in various fields of knowledge. The term of the contract for subscription legal service is at least three months. 25% discount on all legal services not included in the approved fee. The main mission of our company is to give the customer an opportunity to develop and expand his business under reliable legal protection without having to focus on conflict resolutions. We believe that a veritable lawyer should make every effort to avoid bringing the case to court. Liability insurance when working with medium and large businesses. Legal support of organizations in St. Petersburg and Moscow includes the following legal services:

Monitoring legislation on the core business of the subscribed company. Legal advice on entrepreneur and employment law, providing information on current legislation of the Russian Federation. Advice on tax law and tax optimization. Verification and legal analysis of all legal documents of the firm, including incorporation documents, contracts, etc. Legal document control, definition of criteria for the documents to be countersigned by a lawyer. Development of the shareholder registers and consulting on maintaining the shareholder registers by issuers. Conducting Due Diligence. Background check of the counter party in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Single State Registration Chamber. Legal support of transactions. Opening accounts with foreign banks. Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings. Representation of the company in administrative authorities and during negotiations with partners and customers. Drafting of legal documents (economic and labor contracts, claims, responses to claims, procedural documents, etc.) in Russian and, if necessary, in English. Pre-court and out of court settlement of business and labor disputes through negotiations and other legal means. Representation of the company in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, and at the stage of enforcement.

You can choose any of the available service plans or contact us for the development of an individual service plan for your business. The cost of legal services in St. Petersburg and Moscow depends on the selected service plan, activity and location of the company. Our company also provides legal support for real estate transactions.

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