Arbitrage. Services on resolution of legal disputes in the arbitration courts. Representation in the arbitration courts.

The priority direction of our activity is the arbitrary representation of the interests of the juridical persons in economic disputes before the courts of arbitration. We have a successful record of handling the most difficult arbitration cases in all instances – courts of the first instance, courts of appeals, courts of cassation and courts with supervisory authority.

Arbitration is not just a set of the actions stipulated by the Arbitration Remedial Code, it is an art including experience, skill, knowledge and interest. Arbitration is a process demanding special skills. We know this process and can use it effectively.

Classification of the court disputes:

  • disputes related to disagreements on contracts;
  • disputes on invalidation of contracts;
  • disputes on paying damages;
  • disputes on invalidation of subordinate acts of state bodies and others;
  • disputes on non-observance or poor observance of obligations;
  • disputes on invalidation of transactions and application of consequences for voiding the contracts;
  • disputes related to the claims of the rightful owner on reclamation of property from unlawful possessor;
  • disputes on violation of property rights not related to deprivation;
  • disputes on protection of business reputation;
  • disputes on appeal against a denial in state registration for an organization or avoidance of state registration within the period stipulated by law;
  • fiscal disputes, including:
    • legal protection of the interests of the companies as defendants in court when dealing with lawsuits from the fiscal bodies regarding the tax collection and penalties for fiscal violations;
    • contestation of questionable enactments of the fiscal bodies;
    • control over proceedings on retrieving back excessive fiscal payments, paid by a company (all kinds of taxes, including export-related operations);
    • recovery of damages, caused by illegal actions or by inaction of the state (fiscal) bodies;
    • representation of the interests of taxpayers in fiscal bodies, including the observance over the fiscal inspections.

The services rendered by our Corporation:

  1. Drafting lawsuits:
    • on property disputes;
    • on non-property disputes.
  2. Drafting a claim on делам неискового производства:
    • on property disputes;
    • on non-property disputes.
  3. Representation in court
    1. Representation of the interests of the plaintiff:
      • in court of the first instance;
      • in court of appeals;
      • in court of cassation;
      • in the Supreme Court of Arbitration.
    2. Representation of the interests of the defendant:
      • in court of the first instance;
      • in court of appeals;
      • in court of cassation;
      • in the Supreme Court of Arbitration.
  4. Expediency analysis for appeal against the court decision based on the attached documentation and analysis of the court practice in similar category of cases:
    • on property disputes
    • on non-property disputes
  5. Drafting a complaint on the verdict of the court of arbitration:
    • in cases of action proceedings;
    • in cases of non-action proceedings
  6. Drafting business letters, applications, and petitions on the matters of dispute resolution in a court of arbitration.

    Arbitration (representation in the arbiitration courts of Moscow and St Petersburg) is realized with the assistance of the Expert Council of our Corporation.

    In case of winning the litigation you can return the expenses for payment of the services of the lawyer due to the opponent. With the sizes of the state duty on the affairs considered in arbitration courts, you can familiarize on separate page.