Representation of interests in the Courts. Resolution of commercial disputes.

Litigation is an extreme measure of solving corporate, tax, labor and other disputes.

We are sure, that an experienced lawyer will never bring a legal case to court. First of all we strive to mediation and pre-judicial settlement of dispute, achievement of settlement that allows considerable cost reducing and time saving. In many cases professional analysis with a support on concrete regulatory legal acts allows to weight a disputable situation and to resolve it without any help of judicial bodies thus eliminating the necessity of representation of your interests ad litem.

In the event that it is not obviously possible to solve the arisen dispute extrajudicially, the experts of our company are ready to represent your interests in courts of different instances.

Before the beginning of representation of interests our experts necessarily make a preliminary estimate of the expediency of a resort to the court and study all risks connected with conduct of case considering current legislation norms, opinion of supervising bodies and the existing judiciary practice on the problem designated by the client (taking into account the opinion of concrete judicial district).

Then the general legal position and strategy of judicial protection of the client’s rights is developed based on which the statement of claim in court is made. For this, gathering of evidentiary base, preparation and examination of documents, and also other necessary preparations for concrete proceeding are made that will lead to qualitative rendering of services for representation of your interests in court.

Economic disputes are the disputes arising in the sphere of enterprise and other economic activities. Economic disputes arising from civil, administrative and other legal relationships, according to item 22 of Arbitration Proceeding Code (APC) of the Russian Federation are resolved in arbitration court.

Main kinds of Economic disputes:

  • Economic disputes arising due to concluding, alteration or breach of the economic contracts;
  • Economic disputes connected with performance of the contracts and another commitments;
  • Economic disputes arising due to other bases.

Competent conducting of economic disputes and also their prevention promotes improvement of efficiency of activity of the company in whole.

Our experts are experienced in this field and for many years represent client’s interests in court in the territory of Russia and more than 25 countries of the world.

  • Mediation
    extrajudicial settlement of disputes.
  • The services on resolution of legal disputes in the Arbitration (Intermediate) Courts
    St. Petersburg\'s arbitration court at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Commercial arbitration court at the Moscow Chamber of Industry and Commerce, International commercial arbitration court at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), ICC International Court of Arbitration, Vienna International Arbitration Centre, etc.

    Executory process
    full support; appeal of the actions of judicial police officers, etc.

    Rendering of services on representation of the interests in the Courts proceeds with the assistance of the Expert Council of our Corporation.