Registration of business in Germany for clients from Russia and the CIS countries

The services include:

  • primary consultation by the Russian and German experts in St.-Petersburg and Germany;
  • initial visa support from German company;
  • meeting of the client in an arrival place in Düsseldorf and taking him to the hotel;
  • consultations of incorporators and directors in Germany (also after registration);
  • document preparation and processing;
  • selection of local director;
  • the legal address;
  • opening of bank account;
  • oral translations.

We can make discounts

if you do not need the following:

  • the invitation and visa support from the German party,
  • opening of the bank account with the help of German company,
  • and if you have the nominee of the director and the legal address for company registration in Germany.

Extra charges:

  • Notary
  • State duties

The authorized capital of the company (GmbH) makes up 25.000 euro.  For registration it is enough for incorporators to pay half of this sum after opening bank account. ‘Nominal’ director’s monthly fee depends on his qualification and functions and ranges from 300—450 euro per month. This is the cost of ‘secretarial’ work, i.e consultations of the incorporator, mail processing, interaction with the accountant and the auditor, the control over observance of the tax reporting, oral translations for the incorporator, if necessary, etc. For comparison, the wage rate of (not ‘nominal’) director in Germany starts from about 2.500 euro per month.

Work with the client is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Consultation

First we have to find out what services the client is interested in to define cost. We give you the primary information. We conclude the contract on rendering services in registration and, if necessary,  analyze samples of constituent documents for use of the given information associated with company registration in Germany.

  1. Visa support

For registration, the client/incorporators should arrive to Germany. If you do not have visa the German party can arrange the invitation and incur responsibility for your stay in the country.

To prove your intentions and to begin our work you should make an advance payment. This question is regulated in the written agreement with the client. If the German party does not arrange visa support for the client and he comes independently, in this case we can make a discount. Upon receipt of an advance payment, we give the invitation and documents to the client.

If for any reason the client was refused in visa and on our petition or on the appeal of a lawyer for visa application we got a refusal from consulate/court then at this stage the work comes to an end. Whether the advance payment thus was in full or in part worked off is regulated in the agreement with the client.

There is no need for all incorporators to come to Germany for registration. Only one can arrive, for the others it is possible to have powers of attorney. There can be only 1 incorporator for company (Open Company). In this case he should bring the sum total 25 000 euros into authorized capital, which then can start its turnover.

Before your departure we have to co-ordinate with you the company name (3 variants), you should give us personal information on all incorporators (1:1 as in the foreign passport), their addresses (roman type), specify who from those will be the director (Geschaftsfuhrer), to receive copies of foreign passports for preparation of constituent documents.

  1. Registration of a company and account opening

Right after arrival of the client to Germany/Dusseldorf, the services on company registration are rendered to you. After the company, entering in the trading register the client gets the invoice (by result). The advance payment is thus considered.

In Germany the clients should have money for residing, for payment of the authorized capital (or half, if there are two or more incorporators), to pay the notary services, duties and services on company registration. Non-cash transfer can be also used.


It takes one or two days to prepare the documents and test the company name (presence of incorporators in Germany is not necessary).

Notary signing of documents and their oral translation into Russian occurs on the 2nd or 3rd day, account opening this very day or on the following, placing of capital this very day or during the near future (all in the presence of incorporators). Since then the company can work, but before the entering into the trading register the responsibility of incorporators is unlimited. Registration term in the trading register can last as long as 8 weeks then responsibility of incorporators is limited by the authorized capital.

Thus, 3—4 working days from which 1—2 days the incorporators have to stay in Germany (or one incorporator with the power of attorney on behalf of other incorporators) are necessary for registration.