1. For those planning to do business in Finland we offer:

1. To register firm, representation and branch in Finland;

2. To estimate the possibilities and define wishes for new business in Finland;

3. To conduct marketing research and market study;

4. To study "know-how" or rendering of services of the Finnish companies, a tax environment, ways of personnel hiring, methods of attraction of clients, other details of the given business;

5. To work-out the project business plan;

6. To start realization of the project of setting up business in Finland;

7. To find a premise in suitable area for a moderate payment;

8. To make a design project and repair;

9. To choose the equipment and necessary accessories;

10. To buy a correct commodity stock;

11. To find trained or at least competent workers;

12. To register business in all authorization-based instances;

13. To advertise your company and attract potential buyers;

14. To balance income and expenses, prepare accounting and realize a profit.

Cost of services on company registration

Registration of a new company OY (JSC)

A package of services includes:

  1. checking the name of the Finnish company and preparation of documents for registration;
  2. drawing up the charter of the company and the constituent contract;
  3. submitting the documents to registration chamber Rekisteritoimisto,

The cost of the service ranges from 1000 EUR.

Purchase of Finnish company Oy (joint-stock company)

The company has a name, legal address, tax record, settlement account in bank.

The cost of the service ranges 1750 EUR.

Nominal director of a company

The sum provides purely nominal being in the company without performance of any duties. In case of presence of those the sum is discussed separately as agreed.

Legal address of a company

Granting of registration address in Helsinki  negotiable.

Post services

The item of mail to 1 kg weight costs from 100 EUR.

Registration of changes in company documents

Any changes in company documents (change of the director, auditor, address, etc.) costs from 450 EUR.

Business plan drawing up and calculation

Professionally made and calculated business plan. The cost is negotiable

Information on the legislation of Finland

The Legislation of Finland

  • regulates registration of foreign legal bodies and the Finnish companies with participation of foreign capital.
  • According to the "Law on joint-stock companies", foreign citizens have the right to set up only joint-stock company. To set up other forms of enterprises one should provide a number of additional documents. In all types of companies a businessman is responsible for debts of a company by his personal property. In joint-stock company the businessman bears responsible only within the amount of the brought share capital.

Procedure and company registration stages in Finland:

  • it is possible to register osakeyhtio (Oy) - joint-stock company. Share owners are not responsible for corporation actions (with some exceptions);
  • now a person who is not living permanently in one of the EU countries can represent himself as a businessman, a participant of the open or limited/special partnership, and also the incorporator of joint-stock company only with the permission of the Ministry of Trade and industry (МТП) of Finland. To get the permission it is necessary to pay the stamp duty, the gathering sum is 330€. There are also special requirements to joint-stock company board: opening a company a businessman is a board member and owns shares. At least one member from EU should necessarily be a member of the board;
  • the enterprise should be registered in the trading register of the main patent and registration management;
  • when submitting the documents you have a right to receive so-called Diaaritodistus in this management - the certificate of registration with registration number. This document replaces the certificate of registration of your company and having it one can open the bank account and make other actions provided by legislation for the period of consideration of your documents. Separate payment is made for registration of an auxiliary (second) name of the company which can reflect one of the directions in the company activity;
  • a businessman and a company are also obliged to be registered in taxation authority. For this purpose a form of the notice of activity beginning should be filled in and sent to a tax bureau domiciliary or at location of the company registration
  • What body, in what order and in what terms carries out registration?
    This is "The main patent and registration management". Registration term ranges from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • A list of documents necessary for setting up a company with foreign investments in Finland is as follows: the filled in questionnaire for joint-stock company, also various papers of the decision of board on the joint-stock company setting up, a choice of board members, account opening etc.

Registration of foreign representations and branches in Finland.

General provisions.

A branch of a foreign organization or enterprise is considered to do business or other professional activity in a permanent place located in Finland, under management for and on behalf of this foreign organization or enterprise.
A branch of a foreign organization or enterprise should have a company name consisting of actual name of this foreign organization or enterprise and, in addition, which would specify that this formation is a branch.
Company name can be registered in two or several foreign languages if meanings in each language correspond to each other.

The notice of registration.

Formed under the legislation of the state entering into the European economic space and having the registered office, the chief administration or the main place of activity in the state - member of CES a foreign organization (enterprise) opening a branch in Finland is always obliged to present the notice of registration to the Trading register before the activity beginning.
If the organization or the enterprise is outside of CES then such organization or the enterprise should, first of all, submit directly to the Ministry of Trade and industry a request for getting a permission to go into trade business in Finland, and only then present the notice of registration.

Responsible persons for representation of the notice of trading registration are the persons having the right of signature on behalf of branch, as well as the representative of the organization or the enterprise. The notice of registration is signed by the representative of a branch in Finland, having the right of signature, or persons, proxy for signing the notice on behalf of a foreign organization.

The content of the notice of registration:
In the notice of registration of a branch of a foreign organization or an enterprise should be specified the following:

  • postal address of a branch;
  • a subject of activity of a foreign organization or enterprise;
  • the register where the organization or the enterprise is registered (the register of foreign states), and also registration number in this register;
  • company name and organizational legal form of a foreign organization or enterprise, as well as the name of a branch;
  • personal information on each person having the right of signature on behalf of the branch with instructions on validity of the signature of this person;
  • the persons, authorized to represent the organization or enterprise as a lawful body, or members of such body, and also their personal information;
  • personal information on the representative of the branch who should be the Finnish resident.

If a registered office, the central administration or the main place of activity are outside of the states entering CES, then besides the above-stated information, the state under which legislation the founder of a branch has a registered office, the central administration or the main place of activity should be specified in the notice of registration.
If a foreign organization or enterprise were set up in the form of joint-stock company or in other organizational legal form close to it, then in the notice of registration the amount of the authorized capital or other similar capital should be also specified if only it is not specified in the constituent contract, the charter or other corresponding document. The notice of registration is represented in duplicate. Both copies of notices should be issued in Finnish or Swedish languages, and the applied documents should be officially translated into any of the above-stated language.


At least the following documents should be enclosed to the notice:

  • a substantiation of setting up of a branch;
  • a substantiation of appointment of a representative;
  • the persons authorized to represent the organization or enterprise as lawful body, or the members of such body;
  • power on signing the documents on behalf of branch, and also a way of signing of such documents;
  • the permission issued by Ministry of Trade and industry, if necessary;
  • other appendices for certain cases.

Usually the information given in items 1-4 of the present section is mentioned in the board meeting record of a foreign organization or enterprise where the decision on branch setting up was accepted.
Besides, the extract from the register in a place of registration of the organization or enterprise translated into Finnish or Swedish or the legalized translation of the memorandum about association (the constituent contract) of this organization or enterprise is attached to the notice of registration.

Payment for the notice

Payment for the notice of registration in the sum of 1.500 Finnish marks is made in advance by transfer of the above-stated sum to the account of National board of patents and registration with a use of special bank form of payment order. Payment can also be made directly in cash desk of the Department of Trading register.

Permission for going into trade business.

The application.

To get a permission for trade business one should send the application to the Ministry of Trade and industry in any form in Finnish or Swedish with indication of the purpose of formation of a branch in Finland by foreign organization or the enterprise. Besides, the application should also include:

  • the name and the location (country) of the organization or enterprise;
  • activity subject;
  • surname, postal address and a phone number of the applicant.


The following documents should be submitted:

substantiation of expansion of activity of the organization or enterprise translated into Finnish or Swedish (for example: an extract from the corresponding register and a charter copy);

substantiation of the branch setting up and its translation into Finnish or Swedish.


Payment for permission.

To get a permission for going into trade business the payment is in cash.


A resolution shall be sent to the applicant after payment of the above-stated amount.

Licensing of activities of enterprises.

Like in Russia, one can do not all kinds of business without special permission. One should know whether this kind of activity is limited. For example, such kinds of activities are doctoring, architectural services, electro-and installation works, welding. It is possible to do such business but there should be workers having either the Finnish diploma or experts with the license in the staff. All these problems can be solved in the course of firm organization.