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International Legal Corporation ‘DIGESTA’ is a company that has established itself as a stable and reliable partner for many years in the Russian and international legal services markets. High qualification of our lawyers who have extensive experience in various jurisdictions and the Expert council that consists of highly qualified lawyers and professionals from different fields of activity allows the corporation ‘DIGESTA’ to offer legal services of the highest level. Our professionals have extensive experience working with cross-border companies, thereby they decide both local and large-scale problems related to strategic positioning of companies in the domestic and foreign markets. If you need a lawyer whose core competence is international law to meet the challenges your company is facing, our experts are ready to provide you with all necessary services to a high standard.

The range of services provided by highly qualified lawyers of the corporation ‘DIGESTA’ is wide and covers almost every aspect a company entering foreign markets usually faces. Our international lawyers have extensive experience and are ready to assist you in the following areas:

Minimization of the risks associated with the conclusion of international contracts and the application of international legal norms through legal analysis and business intelligence (Due Diligence).
Due Diligence of land and real estate.
Contract execution for a particular Customer.
Contract support (maintenance) at all stages of its implementation.
Representing of the Customer’s interests in the international institutional arbitration and arbitration ad hoc.
Search of international arbitrators.
Investment support, registration of legal entities abroad and in offshore zones.
Support in establishment and registration of legal entities based on foreign investments.

If your company needs an experienced international lawyer who is ready to provide competent services at a high level, ‘DIGESTA’’s experts will provide the appropriate services. We represent our clients in more than 25 countries around the world where we have established a broad legal representative network over the years.

The Expert council of the corporation ‘DIGESTA’ includes recognized authorities - scientists from different fields of science and men of law. Our experts are ready to propose and bring to life most rational decisions. Our specialists work in many countries around the world and have diversified practical experience in various jurisdictions and business sectors. When companies are interested in an international lawyer, as well as experienced lawyers working in a variety of specializations, corporation ‘DIGESTA’ is eager to offer services of the highest level. The basis of our work is professionalism, trust and confidentiality; we offer only the most effective solutions for your business. International law is a system of legal rules governing relations between states in order to secure peace and cooperation.
Public international law emerged as a way to people's awareness of their financial interest, especially in connection with the ever-changing international relations. Our specialists have all the knowledge and experience to provide all kinds of legal services within international law.

International Legal Corporation ‘DIGESTA’ is one of the first legal-consulting Russian companies that managed to create an international legal representative network in more than 25 countries around the world to enter the international market of high-quality legal services. As a result, clients of the International Legal Corporation ‘DIGESTA’ from all over Russia could expand their businesses not only in Russia but also in such countries as Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and in Brazil, under reliable legal protection of international law and consulting experts.

While developing its partnership International Legal Corporation ‘DIGESTA’ has been guided by the principles of mutual aid, and therefore has shaped both ‘export’ and ‘import’ of legal services. It means that foreign (non-resident) legal entities got an opportunity through ‘DIGECTA’’s representatives to go beyond their countries to develop their businesses under reliable legal protection in the Russian Federation. Corporate clients are cross-border companies with branches and representative offices throughout the world. Thus, our specialists are not only able to complete local tasks but also to inscribe each decision in the overall strategy of their clients.

Our company provides the following services related to relocation of foreign employees:

employee migration services;
finding an accommodation for an engaged employee around the company’s office;
advising new employees about household and socio-cultural characteristics of the country;
opening accounts with a foreign bank.

International legal services proceed with assistance of the Expert Council of our Corporation.

You can find our Company’s certificates, awards, and recommendation letters on the corresponding page.