Accreditation and registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies

  • The first stage of registration of a branch of foreign company in the Russian Federation is accreditation. This obligatory procedure takes 1 month and represents insertion of the data of a branch or Rep office into the State Register and issuance of the certificate of the established sample by the State Registration Chamber at the Ministry of Justice. The undergoing of the procedure of accreditation of the Representative offices and branches of foreign companies is obligatory due to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Only the State Registration Chamber (the “SRC”) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the “CCI”) are authorized to grant accreditation.

    After the accreditation of the representative offices and branches of the foreign companies it is necessary:

    • to manufacture the press
    • to receive the letter from Goscomstat (State Statistics Committee)
    • to get registered in the tax bodies and off-budget funds

    List of documents for branch (representative office) accreditation

  • The registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, or extract from the Trade register of the foreign legal entity (the document is valid within 6 months from the date of issue).
  • The Charter of Articles of Incorporation (articles of association, or equivalent) of the foreign legal entity (if the legislation of the country of registration of the foreign company makes no provision for the Charter, then the document confirming this statute given out by the authorized body in the country of registration should be submitted).
  • The resolution of the foreign legal entity resolving to establish the branch in Moscow, Russia, and to appoint the Chief representative(s).
  • A bank letter confirming the good credit standing of the foreign legal entity (the letter is valid within 6 months since the date of issue). The letter should contain the bank’s press or the signature of the authorized bank’s worker which should be notarially certified.
  • General power of attorney and substitution issued to the Chief representative(s) (should include the right of signing and reconciliation of regulations of Representation, of appointment of Chief Representative, etc.).
  • Certification from the tax authorities in the country of the