Registration of legal entity based on foreign investments (in the form of Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as LLC):

  1. The company is registered on the territory of St. Petersburg, at the registration centre – Federal Taxation Service of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Division, Inter-District Tax Inspectorate № 15, within 5 days. If the founder (one of the founders) of the Russian company is a foreign legal entity which has a share in the Share capital, then this organization must provide copies of Foundation documents certified by notary, with translation into Russian. The package of documents must be filed, within 30 days from the date of taking the decision on foundation, to the Federal Taxation Service of Russian Federation, Inter-District Tax Inspectorate № 15, for registration. In accordance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation, in case if another organization is the sole founder of LLC, then the number of founders in that very organization must be at least two.
  2. The following documents are necessary:

    • Foundation documents of the foreign legal entity, copies certified by notary, with their translation;
    • Extract from the trade register of the foreign legal entity - the founder.
    • Copy of passport of foreign company\'s director (if the director is a foreign national then a copy with notarial translation must be provided), passport copies of foreign legal entity\'s participants – the participant of Russian legal entity, with notarial translation;
    • Legal address of the registered company on the territory of St. Petersburg (district of St. Petersburg);
    • The company must specify who will hold the executive positions (Director, Director General), accountant of the instituted organization – these persons must reside on the territory of St. Petersburg;
    • The company must specify the size of Share Capital (hereinafter referred to as SC) (the minimum – 10 000 rubles), the method of payment of the Share Capital – money or property (property is the better). When money is deposited in SC, additional time will be needed for confirmation of transfer from a foreign bank.

    If SC exceeds the set amount of 20 000 rubles, then (if SC has been paid as property evaluated to be over 20 000 rubles) the Conclusion of independent expert on the value of such property is needed. If SC does not exceed the amount of 20 000 rubles – then the property deposited as payment of SC is valuated by the participant (General meeting of participants) of the legal entity independently.

    • The company must specify the profiles of its activity as per the classifier of kinds of economic activity;
    • The company must approve the press;
    • The company must specify the system of taxation – traditional or simplified (taxation on incomes is charged as 6 % of the amount or on income less expenditure – as 15% of this amount);
    • The company must specify the bank where the settlement (currency) accounts of the will be opened.
    • The information about INN (taxpayer\'s identification numbers) of natural persons – company directors and founders is needed.

    The Applicant needs as well to have an application certified by a notary as per established official form (№ Р11001), for registration of the company in St. Petersburg. In the given case the Applicant may be represented by the DIRECTOR of foreign company-founder or an authorized person (director) of managing company (if any). Next the documents for registration prepared by us – the Charter, the resolution on its foundation - are signed by the DIRECTOR of the foreign company on behalf of that company.

Stages and procedure of registration:

  1. Submission, as per Cl. 2, of all necessary original data and documents for the foreign organization – founder.
  2. Preparation of foundation documents of the newly-instituted organization (preparation of the draft Charter and resolution on foundation of the company, minutes of the participants of the legal entity-participant of the Russian legal entity, on participation in the Russian company).
  3. Approval of the foundation documents, making complete package of documents
  4. Payment of state duty in the amount 2 000 rubles (the requisites are enclosed on a separate sheet).
  5. Notarial certification of the Applicant\'s signature on the statement № Р11001 (200 rubles as per tariff rates)
  6. The Applicant\'s personal appearance before the Federal Taxation Service of Russian Federation, Inter-District Tax Inspectorate № 15, for submission of the package of documents for registration of the newly-instituted LLC, is mandatory. If the Applicant is not in the position to present himself personally – the documents are sent by express mail.
  7. Making a seal (as per the approved model).
  8. The tax inspectorate registers the documents within 5 business days.
  9. Collection of the package of registered documents from the tax inspectorate by the Applicant personally.
  10. Preparation of documents for the bank.
  11. Notarial certification of bank card (cards) in the presence of Director and Chief Accountant of the new organization.
  12. Submission of the package of documents for opening accounts with the Bank.
  13. Collection of the agreement from the Bank
  14. Informing the District Tax Inspectorate of the Federal Taxation Service (at the place of business location of the organization), the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund on opening the accounts.

Requisites for payment of state duty for registration of LLC:

Federal Treasury Central Administration under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Division (Federal Taxation Service of Russian Federation, Inter-District Tax Inspectorate № 15, St. Petersburg Division) - Federal Taxation Service, Inter-District Tax Inspectorate of the Russian Federation № 25, St. Petersburg Division INN: 7813085660/781301001 OKATO: 40288566000 Settlement account: 40101810200000010001 Name of the bank: Chief Cash Settlement Centre of the State Institution "Bank of Russia", St. Petersburg Division BIK: 044030001 State duty for registration of the company (with specifying the name of the organization) Budget classification code: 18210807010011000110 Amount of state duty 2000 rubles