Registration of Closed joint-stock company

The closed joint-stock company is a commercial organization, the AC consisting of shares distributed among incorporators (shareholders). The main advantage of joint-stock companies is the possibility of fast change of the proprietor of the organization without modification of constituent documents. Share sale is carried out by conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of shares, and changes in composition of shareholders are reflected in the register of shareholders of a company without registration in the state bodies. The Authorized capital of the closed joint-stock company is divided into certain quantity of the shares distributed only among its incorporators or preliminary determined persons. The minimum AC is 10000 rubles; the closed joint-stock company can increase its AC at the expense of additional issue of shares and stock floatation. Shareholders of the closed joint-stock company have the priority of purchase of its shares, the company is ineligible to public subscription for shares. Company management The closed joint-stock company management includes: meeting of shareholders, board of directors (supervisory board), an executive body (individual or joint), that is preferable to companies with a great number of shareholders, but it is inconvenient for companies with several shareholders. The number of shareholders of the closed joint-stock company should not exceed fifty persons, otherwise the society during the year is subjected to reorganization into open joint-stock company. The size of business risk. Shareholders do not respond for the obligations and bear a risk of the losses connected with the activity of a company within the cost of their shares. Liquidity (risks and losses) of the invested capital. the closed joint-stock company is not obliged to pay up shares of incorporators. Participants of the closed joint-stock company can alienate the shares belonging to them only with the consent of other shareholders. Confidentiality of business. Joint-stock companies, also when they are set up, are obliged to register the stocks issue prospectus, to keep the register of shareholders, as well as provide the Federal Service on Financial Markets with quarterly reports including information on financial and economic activity, to inform on essential facts that makes the closed joint-stock company more transparent in comparison with LLC. Formation of the authorized capital (AC) Incorporators of LLC should bring half of the AC for a moment of registration, incorporators of the closed joint-stock company can pay first half of the AC within 3 months since the moment of state registration, incorporators of both LLC and the closed joint-stock company can pay other half within a year. When bringing money as the AC for LLC and closed joint-stock company it is possible to pay through the temporary savings bank account (should be opened before state registration of documents). Share issue registration The final stage of registration of joint-stock company is share issue registration. Documents should be represented not later than 1 month from the moment of state registration of the Company. At state registration of share issue the state due is also paid. Closed joint-stock company registration Free consultation concerning setting up of the enterprise, Working out of the Charter project, Assistance in selection of legal address, Preparation of a package of constituent documents, Registration in tax inspection, Reception of the certificate of state registration, Reception of the Charter, the Foundation agreement registered in tax inspection, Reception of an extract from the uniform state register of legal entities (ЕГРЮЛ), Registration in off-budget funds, Stamp manufacturing, Opening of settlement account in the bank offered by us or at your choice, Payment of state due at a rate of 2000 rubles, Registration for simplified system of the taxation, Visit to a client for consultation is possible. With list of documents, necessary for registration of the legal entity (LLC, CJSC, JSC), one can familiarize on corresponding page (coming soon...).