Registration of Limited liability company

Registration of Limited liability company

Limited liability company (LLC) is a commercial organization with the status of the legal person, set up by one or several participants. Both individuals and legal entities can be the participants. The number of participants of LLC cannot exceed 50 persons, otherwise it should be reorganized into joint-stock company.

Authorized capital of LLC is formed of the shares transferred to a company by participants. Composition of participants and share value of each of them are defined by constituent documents (the foundation agreement and the Charter). Thus with any change in composition of participants, value and proportions of the authorized capital (further AC), management structure a registration of changes in constituent documents is required. The minimum value of the AC is 10000 rubles.

LLC management is carried out by the meeting of participants as the management supreme body. With the concurrence at the meeting of participants the number of votes of each of them is proportional to his share in AC. Thus during the LLC setting up there is a possibility to set a degree of influence of each participant on decisions on key questions of activity of a company.

The size of business risk

LLC responds for all its obligations by its all property. LLC participants do not respond for all its obligations and bear a risk of the losses connected with activity of a company within the cost of their shares, therefore it is called as the company with limited liability.

Liquidity (risks and losses) of the investments

Any of the participants has a right to leave the LLC without consent of other participants. Thus there is a right to receive a part of property of the company proportional to the share in AC.

Confidentiality of business

The current legislation does not establish the requirement to publish any documents concerning the LLC activity.


For LLC which are the subjects of small business there is a possibility of transition to the simplified system of taxation.

LLC registration

  • Free consultation concerning business setting up.
  • Working out of the Charter project.
  • Assistance in selection of the legal address.
  • Preparation of a package of constituent documents.
  • Registration in tax inspection.
  • Reception of the certificate of state registration.
  • Reception of the Charter, the Foundation agreement registered in tax inspection.
  • Reception of an extract from uniform state register of legal entities (ЕГРЮЛ).
  • Registration in off-budget funds.
  • Stamp manufacturing.
  • Opening of bank account in the bank offered by us or at your choice.
  • Payment of state due at the rate of 2000 rubles.
  • Registration for simplified system of taxation.
  • Visit to a client for consultation is possible.

With a list of documents, necessary for registration of the legal entity (LLC, CJSC, JSC), one can familiarize on corresponding page (coming soon...).

Our company also assists in registration of legal bodies with foreign investments.

Why we?

The successful experience of work in the market of legal services and good reputation of our company is made up of high level of the competence of our experts, their knowledge and experience, also the established relations with various state structures that allows to guarantee a qualitative solution of the clients’ problems in the shortest terms.

Experts in the field of registration will render you the qualified help not only in registration of your legal entity, but also will help to explain various questions which arise at a stage of decision-making when setting up your own business, namely:

  • Review of organizational-legal forms of legal bodies, their differences, advantages and peculiarities;
  • Legislative requirements (restrictions) to the name of the legal person;
  • Concept of the legal address, general tendencies and recommendations about its use;
  • Executive body of the legal entity, legal responsibility, a parity of executive body and a meeting of founders of the legal person;
  • Consultations on assignment of kinds of activity according to ОКВЭД (the All-Russian classifier of kinds of economic activities);
  • System of the taxation, advantages and kinds of the simplified system of the taxation for both Russian, and foreign legal persons.