“FCG Planeko Oy” (Finland)

“FCG Planeko Oy” (Finland)

FCG Planeko is a part of FCG Group. FCG Group is a unique know-how centre.

Group operations are divided into three business areas, which complement each other:

  • FCG Management and Training which includes FCG Efeko Ltd and FCG Mentor IT Ltd.
  • FCG International Consulting which includes FCG International Ltd. and FCG Plancenter Ltd.
  • FCG Infra and Environment which includes FCG Plancenter Ltd. and FCG IP-Engineering Finland Ltd, or FCG Planeko.

The Group began operations in 2005. In addition to public administration, it also provides services for the private sector. The parent company of the Group acts as a holding company and is responsible for the Group’s management and support services.

Website: http://www.planeko.fi