“Slavich Company”, J.S. (Russia)

“Slavich Company”, J.S. (Russia)

The history of the Slavich Company begins since the 1st of July, 1931, when the 1st film factory of USSR went into service in Pereslavl-Zalessky which is situated in 140 km from Moscow. The Company was registered on the 24th of May 1995 as open-end Slavich Joint Stock Company.

For today Slavich Company J. S. consists of 7 factories providing the all-Russian volume of release of photographic papers, photographic plates, materials for microelectronics and a growing share of domestic production of flexible packing materials with the multi-colour printing; 14 subsidiary companies and 14 dependant enterprises with Slavich Company’s share in the authorised capital stock from 20 to 100 %.

In 2000 Company Slavich became the winner of the Award of the Russian Government in area of quality and it is acknowledged to be the best enterprise following the results of competition carrying out for last five years.

In 2004 the trade mark of Slavich celebrated its 20th anniversary. The action of the trademark extends in 20 countries of the world.

Website: http://www.slavich.ru