Heuft Systemtechnik GMBH (Germany)

Heuft Systemtechnik GMBH (Germany)

Heuft has been operating on the market for about 32 years. The company has 17 branches worldwide; the Russian branch was established in 2006.

The core activity of the company is inspection (control) equipment for bottling and packaging lines. These are the machines for quality inspection of goods and its package (level of filling, corking, airtightness, extraneous admixtures, labeling, marking):

  • Inspection equipment for bottling line, labeling machines, conveyor control system.
  • Quality control of bottling line.
  • Inspection of empty bottle for splits, dirt, airtightness control.
  • Filling level inspection, corking control, extraneous admixtures control, etc

In addition to this, the company supplies labeling equipment, conveyer regulation systems and production lines analyzing systems.

Website: http://www.heuft.com