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Gorodov Oleg Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Law, Professor,
Member of Scientific Council of Law Department of St.-Petersburg State University.

Oleg A. Gorodov was born on January 14, 1951. In 1994 after postgraduate study at the All-Union Institute of the industrial property and innovation (Moscow) he defended the master's thesis “Delayed system of examination of demands for inventions in a modern patent right”. In 2000 after doctoral studies in St.-Petersburg State University he defended the doctor's thesis titled “Intellectual property: legal aspects of commercial use”.


Before his work at St.-Petersburg State University Oleg A. Gorodov was a chief of the chair of legal support of management at St.-Petersburg State Academy of methods and techniques of management (LIMTU).

During the period from 1992 to 1997, he was an been the employee of Committee on city property management in St.-Petersburg and the expert on legal issues of the Russian representation of the Institute of Economics of the city (USA).

Oleg A. Gorodov is the author of about 40 works on intellectual property problems and housing law. He is the developer and co-author of more than 30 projects of legal acts concerning privatization, real estate management, housing reform.

Monakhov Victor Nikolaevich

Ph.D., Law, associate professor,
first-class Counsellor of Justice.
Memeber of the Counsil of Experts of State Duma Security Committee.

Victor N. Monakhov is an assistant professor, candidate of jurisprudence, first-class adviser of justice, professor of the chair “Journalism and public relations” at the Moscow State Linguistic University and UNESCO chair “on the copyright and other branches of Intellectual Property Right” (Moscow), a Senior research worker of a sector of the Information Law, Institute of Civil Law Russian Academy of Sciences.



1970 - 1975 faculty of law at Lomonosov Moscow State University
1980 - 1983 postgraduate at VNIISZ at the Ministry of Justice of the USSR

Professional and political activity

2004 - till now: Senior research worker of a sector of the Information Law at the Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences.
2002 – 2004: Director of the project “Legal audit of Mass media” ANO “Internews.”
2001: One of the founders of St.-Petersburg club in Moscow (Club of piskvich).
2000 – 2002: The adviser of the Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.
1999 – 2000: Chairman of the Judicial Court on information disputes at the President of Russia.
1995: One of the founders and heads of the Moscow Club of lawyers – one of the active centers of legal life of Moscow and Russia, the organizer of annual presentation of the higher legal award "Femida" (among its winners are the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia V. Lebedev, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Kyrgyzstan Ch. Baekova, professor of Sorbonn M. Lessazh, the President of Bulgaria P. Stoyanov, the Deputy Secretary general of the Council of Europe G.K. Kruger, the mayor of Moscow Ju. Luzhkov, etc.).
1994 – 2000: Member of the Judicial court on information disputes by the President of Russia.
1993: Member of Federal Information Court of arbitration.
1992 – 1994: Chief of Regional State inspection on protection of freedom of press and mass media at the Ministry of information and press of the Russian Federation (7 regions in the Northwest of Russia).
1992: One of the founders of ANO “Inter-news” (Moscow).
1990 – 1993: The Deputy of Leningrad city Council of People's Deputies, Deputy Chairman of the permanent deputy commission on publicity and mass media.
1987 – 1990: One of the founders and heads of inter-professional clubs "Reconstruction" in Moscow and Leningrad, that played an important role in public transformations in the USSR and Russia in late 1980’ and early 1990’.
1983 – 1990: Assistant professor at Toljatti Leningrad Engineering-Economic Institute.
1980 – 1983: Chief of legal service at Senior Leningrad Management of Motor Transport.

V.N. Monakhov is an expert in the field of mass media law, information law for citizens, legal problems of new information and communication technologies.

In 1983, he defended the legal thesis in Moscow being the first in the USSR thus proving a necessity of the constitutional base for main information rights for citizens – the right for information and protection of personal information (now articles 29 and 24 in the Constitution of the Russian Federation).

He has a great experience in legislative work. He participated in the development of such projects of laws of the USSR as “About publicity” (1987), “About the press and other mass-media” (1988); laws of Russia, Tajikistan, Armenia “About tele-radio broadcasting” (1990’), Federal Law of the Russian Federation “About personal data” (1998), “About the right for access to the information” (1996-2003); as the co-author of M. Fedotov he developed and published the author's project of the modeling law of the subject of the Russian Federation “About mass- media” (2000); in 2004 he prepared a project of law for Novosibirsk region “About the Representative on Information Rights in Novosibirsk region and Information Chamber of Novosibirsk region”. He is the author of numerous articles on the problems of mass media and information rights of citizens.

V.N. Monakhov is the Russian coeditor of the German-Russian edition – V.Hoffman-Rome, V.Monahov “The radio and TV Right in Russia, “On a way to a new organization of electronic press”. St.-Petersburg – Hamburg, 1994, 634 p.

He is a supervisor of the international research and the editor of “Laws and practice of mass-media in CIS and Baltic countries (comparative analysis)”. FZG, M, “Galeria” Publishing house, 1999, 223 p.

He is a supervisor of KSDI project and the coeditor of “The Russian and foreign experience of legal regulation of the access of citizens to the governmental information”. M, KSDI, 1999, 248 p.

He is a laureate of the Honorary medal "Social recognition" (2000) for great personal contribution to the development of legislation on the mass media, contributing to the formation of legal democratic state.

He is the author and the compiler of collections “Mass-media and Internet: problems of legal regulation”, М, Ecoprint, 2003, -320p. “Freedom of the mass information in Internet: legal conditions of realization” M. Galerija, 2005, 416 p.

V.N. Monakhov is a Member of the Advisory Council of the State Duma Committee of the Russian Federation on security. He is an expert of the Council of Europe and OSCE on legal issues of information. He is a member of the Russian Committee of the international UNESCO Program “The Information for everybody”. He is a scientific adviser of the international program “The global initiative on Internet politics” (GIPI), a Member of the Council of Noncommercial partnership “Electronic libraries” (, the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of media-audience of Public board on complains of the press. (

V.N. Monakhov is a member of the Board of guardians of Publicity Protection Fund ( and the Chairman of a revision committee of St.-Petersburg humanitarian-politological centre "Strategy" (

Thomas P. Treichler

Expert in bank affairs, ex-Swiss banker.
Doctor of Japanese law.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orient Financial Corporation.

Thomas P. Treichler is a holder of a doctorate in Japanese law from Zurich University, was educated in Switzerland and in Japan. His many years of wide ranging experience in the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe have encompassed corporate finance, corporate governance, investment banking and venture capital investment.


Mr. Treichler began his business career in 1969 with the Union Bank of Switzerland in Tokyo and Zurich, and in London with J. Henry Schroder Wagg. In 1976, Mr. Treichler co-founded Fidenas Corporation, a New York based investment banking and corporate finance organization controlled by Swiss and Kuwaiti institutional interests. In the 1980s, Mr. Treichler was registered at the California State Banking Department as the U.S. Representative of Interallianz Bank Zurich, a Swiss-Japanese industrial banking institution. In 1985, he was instrumental in establishing and capitalizing Kwang Hua Securities Investment Trust, Taipei, Taiwan and played a key role in the structuring, underwriting and syndication of the Formosa Fund, a securities investment trust in the Republic of China, with major international institutions. From 1994 to 2000, Mr. Treichler was a board member of The Shanghai Growth Fund, a US$100 million Hong Kong listed direct investment fund for investments in the greater Shanghai region.

From 1987 through 1997, Mr. Treichler, in his capacity as founder and President of KTC Management Corporation, a San Francisco based fund management company, managed Satrecol Australia Limited, a Perth, Australia, based venture capital fund listed on the Australia Stock Exchange, which he had founded with a group of Asian, European and U.S. investors.

In 1997, Satrecol Australia Limited was acquired by another company listed on the Australia Stock Exchange. Mr. Treichler served as director on the board of directors of Sport Supply Group, Inc., a Dallas based institutional distributor of sports equipment and supplies with sales of over $100 million. In 2005, the majority shareholder of Sport Supply Group sold its stake to Collegiate Pacific, Inc. In 2006, Collegiate Pacific sought to acquire the remaining shares of Sport Supply Group and asked Mr. Treichler to rejoin the board of directors of Sport Supply Group to negotiate on behalf of the minority shareholders the acquisition of Sport Supply Group.

Mr. Treichler is the founder and chief executive officer of Orient Financial Corporation, a San Francisco Bay based private investment banking and corporate advisory firm whose clientele includes emerging companies in the bio-medical field.

Lebedev Nickolay Nickolaevich

Doctor of Medicine, Professor.
Head Doctor of OJSC “Gazprom”.


Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad. Military Doctor, profession – therapeutic business. Graduated in 1988.

1997, 2002, 2004, 2007 – advanced medical studies: selected surgical issues, surgical endoscopy, professional
pathology. St. Petersburg. Has a certificate and Upper qualification category in surgery, endoscopy.

Academy of national economy at the Government of the Russian Federation.
Since 2007 - till now: professional retraining on the programme “euro management master of business administration”, Moscow.



Russian Public Health Ministry sign “For the High achiever in Healthcare”

Titles of Honour

  • “Honorary worker of the gas industry”
  • Award sign “In the course of life on the Earth”

Professional and Scientific Activity

08.1982 - 12.2001 Service in the Armed forces, including:
08.1982 - 06.1988 Listener of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad
06.1988 - 07.1990 Head of the medical service of the military unit 63899, Severomorsk.
07.1990 - 10.1993 Advanced student of Surgery Department of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad
10.1993 - 07.1994 Head intern of the emergency surgery clinic of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad
07.1994 - 12.1998 Lecturer of the Surgery Advanced medical studies Department of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad
12.1998 - 12.2001 Associate professor of the Surgery Advanced medical studies Department of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg
12.2001 - 12.2001 Surgeon of the Surgery Department of the clinic of “Gazprom”, Moscow
12.2001 - 17.02.2008 Deputy Hear Doctor – senior surgeon of the clinic of “Gazprom”, Moscow
18.02.2008 – present time Head Doctor of the clinic of “Gazprom”

Glushchenko Peter Petrovich

Doctor of Law, Professor,
Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation,
the Honorable Lawyer of Russia.

Glushchenko Peter Petrovich has higher military and legal education, his seniority is 50 years (since 1994 up to now he has being the dean of faculty of law (СПбГУП, СПбАУЭ, accordingly). His scientific work seniority makes up 40 years.

Since 1969 until the present time more than 500 his scientific works have been published, i.e. textbooks with signature stamps of the ministries and departments, monographs, juridical collections and directories, educational and methodical, scientific and research works, scientific reports and articles (10 of those in publishing houses of ВАК of the Russian Federation). He is the developer and co-author of more than 40 laws and by-laws on socially-legal and military-legal issues.


Scientific and practical orientation of Peter P. Glushchenko’s scientific activity are the problems and perfection of human rights protection activity, the juridical education, rendering of highly skilled legal support, a substantiation of real ways, employment of graduates, innovations in scientific research carried out by post-graduate students and applicants.

Peter P. Glushchenko’s professional development occurred in the committees and commissions of the Federation Council, State Duma CF of the Russian Federation, the St.-Petersburg election commission, Department of bailiffs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and Northwest federal district, the body of the Representative on human rights in the Russian Federation and St.-Petersburg, Association of legal high schools and the Youth union of lawyers of the Russian Federation.

Peter P. Glushchenko is a doctor of law, a professor, the Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, the honorable lawyer of Russia, a full member of the International Slavic academy, the expert of the Program of UNESCO «The information for all», a member of the Board of guardians of the Youth union of lawyers, a member of law society of Russia, a member of dissertational councils of the Naval academy and the Russian state humanitarian university.

From 2008 Peter P. Glushchenko is the expert of Federal agency of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on test quality on the administrative, ecological and labor laws, and from 2009 he is the developer of tests on the administrative and ecological laws. Aforementioned became possible due to Peter P. Glushchenko’s active and effective participation in scientific All-Russia and inter-regional arrangements for human rights protection simultaneously directly associated with scientific interests (the theory and practice of social and legal protection of rights, freedom and legitimate interests of citizens, human rights protection activity in jural state, the mechanism of legal regulation of labour safety).

Avi Elkind

Financier. Ex-Deputy of the Minister of Finance of Israel.
Ex-Consul of Israel in economic matters in the USA.
Ex-Deputy of the Inspector General of Israel.

Avi Elkind serves as ICF Vice President dealing with complex financial issues. He is also the Chairman & CEO of E.A. ELKIND Ltd., Financial & Economic advisory service company for corporations and agencies emphasizing on strategic financial planning, investment, trade and project finance & funding utilizing securitization. Avi Elkind is involved in financial engineering and development of advanced financing tools.

Israel Airport Authority, Israel Port Authority, Municipalities, Insurance, Leasing, as well as manufacturing companies, are among his clients.


Avi Elkind has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors of more than 10 companies from a variety of industries, such as holding companies, real estate, manufacturing, chemicals, International trade, leasing, Hi Tech, Export credit, as well as financial services (pension funds, mutual funds and provident funds) .

In previous years, Avi Elkind held several senior Government positions in Israel (The Ministry of Finance) and worked as Chief Financial Officer of Pelephone Communications Ltd. - A major cellular operator in Israel with 1 billion $ annual turnover.

During his long experience in the public sector, Mr. Elkind was involved in planning, executing and controlling of many economic reforms including:

  • The Stabilization Program (The most comprehensive economic reform succeeded to reduce inflation from over 400% to almost 0%);
  • Tax incentives programs for capital and R&D investments, some other tax reforms;
  • Privatization of Government owned companies.

In his last position with the Government Mr. Elkind served as Senior Deputy Accountant General in which was in charge of:

  • The entire International financial activity of the government include borrowing of foreign currency (Approx. 3 billion annually) by issuing bonds in the Yankee, Euro and in the Samurai capital markets, issuing bonds guaranteed by A.I.D, establishing an Euro Medium Term Program (750 million USD); Utilizing trade related credit facilities and project financing, and by syndicated loan facilities;
  • External debt management of approx. $25 billion;
  • Export Credit Activities through IFTRIC, Israel Export Credit Agency (Ashra and ICIC); Bilateral Export Credit agreements, Representing Israel at the “Paris Club" rescheduling negotiations with LDC countries;
  • Issuing Government financial guarantees.

In the years 1988 – 1992 Avi Elkind served as Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs to the Southwest of the U.S. He was official Economic and Commercial Representative of Israel, in charge of promoting Israel’s economy and business ties with the local business community. Avi reopened the regional office of the BIRD Foundation and helped American and Israeli Hi-Tech companies form joint ventures in R&D in order to apply for its financing.

Elkind is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Social studies – Economics, Business Administration and International Affairs.

He also attended IMF – Advance Course in Public Finance.

Attila Burka

World-famous architect.
Member of Ontario Association of Architects,
Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

The architectural practice of “Burka Architects Inc.” headed by Attila Burka was established in 1971 with the objective of full participation in the rapidly evolving urban architecture and human habitation of the modern city. Attila Burka always pursues excellence in design through respect for use, function, form, economy, context and environment as well as style in all of its building designs. He recognizes that buildings are a reflection of their time and the architect is the interpreter of these relevant expressions.


The total built building area designed by “Burka Architects Inc.” and Mr. Burka himself exceeds 7,000,000 square meters over more than three and a half decades of practice. The firm prepares master plans, feasibility studies, conceptual plans, design and construction drawings and supervises construction. Building forms designed by this firm range from single-family houses of one or two storeys, subdivisions, townhouses, mid-rise to high-rise condominium and rental apartments, industrial, retail, office and mixed use office buildings.

Burka’s innovative designs have substantially influenced the overall condominium market and left permanent and recognizable standard features in Toronto area projects.

Attila Burka perceives the concept of any good project to be rooted in the existing physical and cultural context as well as in the marketplace specific to its area. Hence, the building form, the site layout and the unit layout is a direct result of a dialogue between marketing experts, the parameters of zoning restrictions, construction costs and design efficiency consideration and appropriate "architectural style" for its context. The ultimate programmatic objective of “Burka Architects Inc.” is to maximize the total "sales value" of the project. This means more than just monetary value; it means value to the builder, the purchasers and in a wider context to society at large.

Miquel Roca

LLM in Shipping Law.
Member of the Managing Board of the Spanish Maritime Law Association.
Plenipotentiary of the Spanish Crown before the United Nations.

Miquel gained academic degrees both in Spain and England, having received the LLB from the Barcelona University, the LLM in Shipping Law from the Barcelona Law Society (where he was awarded with a Distinction) and the LLM in Shipping Law from Cardiff University. He is a member of the Spanish Maritime Law Association (Member of the Managing Board), the International Bar Association, Maritime and Transport Law Committee, and the Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Maritimo.


He is a visiting lecturer at The City Law School, The City University, London; the Vigo University in Spain; the University of Piraeus in Greece; at the University of Mexico (UNAM); the Riga Law School, Letonia, and at the Lund University in Sweden. After working for the Legal Office of the Barcelona Port Authority, Miquel joined P&O Nedlloyd where he worked as an account manager. Then he retained by the United Nations in Vienna within the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law's (UNCITRAL) Transportation Law Working Group, Maritime Law Branch. Miquel also lectured Maritime Law at the Webster University of Vienna.

Then Miquel returned to private practice, first in Hamburg and then in Barcelona, after which he moved to London where he practiced as a Solicitor acting for the main ship owners, freight forwarders, logistics operators, P&I's, insurance companies and banks based in London and also for Spanish and Latin-American companies, both in court and in arbitration proceedings.

His most recent work includes advising a ship owner after the sinking of one of its vessels in the Mediterranean Sea; advising a ship-owner after a collision suffered by one of its vessels off the Bay of Biscay; counseling a marine recoveries company on the recovery of the cargo of a shipwreck; directing the drafting commission of a new bill of lading for a leading European shipping group; directing two maritime proceedings in Washington, USA, for a leading shipping Spanish trader; and defending the interests of a shipyard before a claim in excess of 200 million Euro.

Miquel was appointed as Plenipotentiary of the Spanish Crown before the United Nations, which on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain signed the Rotterdam Rules. Miquel has been included in the list of "The Best 50 Lawyers in Spain" by the Legal Acquisition International, thus being recognized as one of the best 50 lawyers in the country. Miquel speaks English, Spanish, German and Catalan.

Olga A. Zharkova

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental Legal Protection Department (Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University)

Member of the Academic Council of St. Petersburg State University

Ms. Zharkova’s main research areas are land law, environmental law, maritime law, and the legal regulation of subsurface use. Ms. Zharkova pays special attention to protection of developers’ interests from the point of view of the current town planning legislation. (The focus is put on examination of project documentation, obtaining building permits and putting capital construction facilities into operation.)


She is a member of the Territorial Collegiate Organ (St. Petersburg, Russia) of the Arbitration Court within the framework of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization ‘Center of Arbitration’.

Ms. Zharkova participated in the preparation of ‘On Subsurface’ draft law being assigned by the Ministry of Economic Development (in collaboration with A. Ivanov, current Chairman of the Russian Supreme Arbitral Tribunal).

She also developed ‘On Gas Export’ draft law.

In October 2012, Ms. Zharkova made an expert report on ‘On protection of soils’ draft law.

Ms. Zharkova provides capital construction consulting services for the Government of St. Petersburg.