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International Legal Corporation “DIGESTA” actively operates on the market of legal services for more than 10 years and render services practically in any field of clients’ business activity concerning international, foreign and Russian legislation.

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Resourses and priorities of the Russian affiliate

International legal services of the “DIGESTA” company are divided into two global directions:

  • Services for foreign clients in the area of Russian legislation
  • Services for Russian clients in the area of foreign legislation

Services for foreign clients in the area of Russian legislation (annual support)

  • Consulting
  • First accreditations and creating of joint organizations
  • Projects for complex support
  • Support in drawing up and providing of project reports

Services for Russian clients in the area of foreign legislation (annual support)

  • Consulting
  • Registration of business-representative offices abroad
  • Projects for complex support
  • Support in drawing up and providing of project reports

Representation of interests in courts, mediation includes organizations’ protection and its representation in financial disputes of any kind in the Arbitration courts of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as support of the clients abroad with the help of Expert panel of the International Legal Corporation “DIGESTA”. Experienced lawyers speaking several foreign languages, sharp and highly skilled work of experts in the associated offices of the company in different countries provides “DIGESTA” Corporation an opportunity to achieve unexceptional high results.

more than 500 Cases won in court
1,5 bln rub. Total claims value defended in court
more than 7,5 bln rub. Pre-court mediation case load cumulative value
up to 125 Parallel cases in court

International Legal Corporation “DIGESTA” provides support in obtaining of licenses of any kind. License is a special permit for carrying out activities. It is issued by licensing authority to individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

Registration, restructing of business includes services on registration of subjects of different forms of incorporation, introduction of amendments in the incorporating documents, and also M&A deals support on merger and acquisition.

Migratory services involves the whole range of services on preparation of documents/permits to engage foreign workers, work permits, work contracts for foreign employees, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, citizenship and legal support in prolongation or changing of these documents/permits.

Regular legal support of organizations in Russia includes real estate business, economic activities (such as creation and verification of different contracts, instructions, consulting services, and negotiation support), tax structuring projects and bankruptcy process execution, regular execution proceedings and criminal cases conduction.
Additional option of the International Legal Corporation “DIGESTA” is subscription services (outsourcing). This option is definitely the best decision for a major part of modern companies.

Subscription services benefits (outsourcing)


  • Higher and additional education
  • Experience – more than 10 years
  • Participation of lawyers of the leading cross-border corporations
  • Participation in scientific researches, seminars, conferences, exhibitions
Benefits for the client:
  • Start of work only if the case has real prospects of success
  • Non-standard decisions in exceptional hard cases
  • Avoidance of additional expenses and risks of counterclaims
Supreme technologies
  • Electronic document flow and projects control system
  • Renewable knowledge data base
  • Access to all referral systems, as well as foreign ones
  • IP-telephony, video conference, cloud technologies
Benefits for the client:
  • Efficient work on projects
  • Cost minimization of projects support and document flow
  • Availability of high-quality international legal services
Developed office and partner network
  • Sharp contact with a wide range of experts in other jurisdictions
  • Direct access to the existing foreign legislation and jurisprudence
  • Structuring of transport expenses, overhead costs
Benefits for the client:
  • Communication in the native language of the client
  • Efficiency increase of work on projects
  • Cost minimization (including transport)
Expert panel
  • Participation of recognized authorities on the case subject in the work process
  • Opportunity to make internal verification of the prepared case decisions before its introduction to practice
Benefits for the client:
  • Considerable productivity and efficiency
  • Advanced chances to get positive result over a short period of time
All necessary services
  • Full range of necessary legal services in one company
  • All spheres of administrative, civil, criminal law
Benefits for the client:
  • Solution of short-term and long-term tasks by a single team knowing specific features and needs of the client
  • Minimization of un-cooperation risk between different experts

The international Legal Corporation "DIGESTA" is an active participant of scientific and practical researches, significant commercial and noncommercial projects. Particularly, "DIGESTA" participated in joint research with the consulting service dealing with foreign investments (FIAS) of the Group of the World Bank and also in other considerable Russian and international state and public projects.

Extraordinary high level of education, wide network of the associated offices and partners worldwide, and also considerable professional experience of corporation, enables “DIGESTA” to lead very attractive, competitive fee policy and achieve significant results in services for the clients, who permanently highly appreciate the work of the specialists of the corporation in any kind of cases regardless of their difficulty.

"DIGESTA" is always open for long-term mutually beneficial relationships. If you found necessary services for your tasks solutions, we are glad to start our work with you even today.

St. Petersburg +7 (812) 336-06-38
196084, Russia, St. Petersburg,
ul. Novoroschinskaya, 4, liter A. Business Center "Sobranie", block 2, 10th Floor, Office 1026-2.
+7 (812) 941-13-42 – hot line
Moscow +7 (495) 781-60-54
129626, Moscow, pr. Mira 102, Bldg. 1
Business-center "Peace Park", office 506
+7 (926) 535-55-99 – hot line

E-mail for corporate officials: info@digesta-ilc.com
E-mail for inquiries from individuals: contact@digesta.ru

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